Arthur Rimbaud, a French School accredited within the AEFE network

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The Arthur Rimbaud French School, founded in 1967, belongs to the worldwide AEFE network for the teaching the French system abroad since 2003.

All the accredited establishments are open to French students living outside of France and may welcome students of other nationalities. They follow the official programs applied in French state schools and prepare students for the same exams and diplomas. The accreditation guarantees both a conformity with the French education system and the quality of the teaching on offer. Finally the accreditation enables the school's French students to qualify for scholarships.

This accreditation is not permanent and said schools must regularly submit to verification procedures. The AEFE is responsible carrying out the accreditation procedures and monitoring those schools that are already accredited.

The Agency provides personnel to supervise these processes.

Authorized establishments

These establishments are run by private non-profit associations, whether French or not, that have subscribed to an administrative, financial and educational agreement with the AEFE. This agreement deals in particular with the allocation and wages of tenured staff of France's Ministry of Education and the allocation of subsidies. These establishments are in continuous contact with the AEFE.

The AEFE network which is present in virtually every country and capital city in the world is recognized as a major actor of the French presence abroad. By receiving and educating some 200'000 foreign students a year, the network is central to the standing of our culture, our language and our values. The French education network abroad also contributes to reinforcing the ties and cooperation between the French and other education systems. Furthermore it participates in promoting French higher education and, broadly, to France's attraction. Finally it is a major asset to the mobility policy for French communities and the expansion of French companies internationally.