School life, a handbook

By Arthur - -
School life

The expression “school life” applies to all a student's activities within the school that contribute to him/her succeeding and flourishing personally.

This covers things from mandatory school work to any activities outside of class and translates, concretely, into taking responsibilities in different areas such as for example participating in the different school bodies as a class delegate.

The objective of the students' education is to help them become responsible adults who are capable of upholding their duties, which supposes education support in which the School Life Service takes on its full meaning.

In this context the team made up of the CPE (Conseillère Principale d'Education – Principal Education Councillor), Bernadette Mande and her supervising team, occupy an essential role.Bernadette Mandé, CPE

The CPE is the privileged contact person for students and families alike and is in permanent interaction with the teachers and administration maintaining communication between all these actors.

The CPE and her team are in permanent contact with the school's students.

At the heart of the school the School Life Service organises school life and ensures the follow-up on students' education on every level:

Monitoring the students' diligence

  • Academic success

  • Assisting students facing social challenges

  • Everyday life

  • Disregard of school rules, discipline issues

  • Although she does not dispense knowledge as such the CPE has undoubted prerogatives in terms of her educational role and her assistance to students:

    Welcoming students at the start of term, welcoming new students and their families, welcoming students on a daily basis.

  • Reiterating students' rights and obligations

  • The School Life Service is responsible for everything that deals with the time spent in school by the students outside of class:

    Overseeing students during study periods

  • Controlling student ins and outs

  • Supervising the school yard during recess and midday breaks.

  • The CPE ensures the students' security outside of the classroom.