Personalised assistance and support

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The measures for personalised assistance set up by the Arthur Rimbaud French School stem from the desire to push all students towards success despite difficulties that may arise during primary school years

Organisation of teaching support for primary

Support sessions/APC (Activités Pédagogiques Complémentaires – Additional Teaching Activities) are set up and decided by the child in question’s teacher. They are adapted to address the difficulties encountered by the child. They usually take place before or after class. They can last anywhere between 30 minutes and 1 hour depending on the child’s age. These sessions are not permanent but are organized in the form of modules containing 6 to 15 sessions grouping students with similar difficulties. A final evaluation session serves to determine the outcome of support sessions (continuation or interruption of support sessions, suggestion of a different module).This set up can’t be put into place without the parent’s authorisation.

The child’s teacher therefore writes up a document to this effect which must be signed by himself, the child’s other teachers, the Head of school and the parents. This is readily available for every student in need.

The measures available to the Sixième

Methodology support in French or Mathematics: this applies to all students in 6ème in order to help them adapt to the new work methods of secondary school.

Personalized support in French or Mathematics: for students who display specific difficulties in French or Mathematics at the end of Cycle 3 of primary. These students are identified on the basis of stage 2 of the shared foundation and basic skills that need to be acquired at the start of 6ème.

A PPRE (Programme Personnalisé de Réussite Educative – Personalised Program for Education Success) is set up and signed with the family if required.

Duration of support: 6 to 8 weeks maximum.

Work in small groups (8 students maximum) lasting 1h30 for French and 1h00 for Mathematics. These groups can be adapted based on PPREs or during term depending on progress.

Personalised support:

This concerns students experiencing momentary difficulties in French and/or Mathematics. The aim is to support the students in small groups (of maximum 10) in order to go over specific aspects of the coursework that don’t seem to have been mastered.

These groups are adapted over the course of the year depending on progress or difficulties apparent in ongoing coursework.