Our school

As a member of the community of French schools abroad, our school is officially acknowledged by the Agency for French Teaching Abroad AEFE and welcomes your children to its two campuses, located at:

1. Msasani campus: Nursery.

2. Oysterbay campus: Primary, Lower Secondary and High School.

The first day of term opened its doors to more than 335 students. With numbers increasing throughout the school year, we will be bringing together both the nursery and primary school students within one brand new campus, this site is currently under process. This in turn will allow for the Oysterbay campus to be fully dedicated to serving its Lower Secondary School and High School students.

2018-2019 will bring many demands for the members of the multicultural educational community, from the students, parents, teachers, administrators to its governing board. And I hope that each member will bring great support and act in a way that is only beneficial to the school. We acknowledge the challenges ahead and must continue to face them as a cohesive community within the French school, remaining faithful to our core values and beliefs. Your children, our students will judge our conduct in how we bring about a greater future for them. They look at us building the World which will be theirs tomorrow. As concerned educators, we can't discourage or disappoint them.

I therefore pledge to you to build a school every student will be proud to be part of.

Annie Guillotin-Roche

School bodies