Preschool - Enrolment for 2017-2018

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The French Preschool in Dar es Salaam, TZ

Enrolment is now open for 2017-2018 and this is the right time to enrol your child in the French education system. PS (Petite Section) for children born in 2014 and MS (Moyenne Section) for children born in 2013, GS (Grande Section) for children born in 2012.

A unique and special school in Dar es Salaam !

As parents who care about your children’s education, you are responsible for their future.

You are looking for a very efficient system of education and proven professional teaching competence to prepare your children to face their future with confidence and success.

The French School offers a complete programme from Preschool to the final year of High School, culminating with the Baccalaureate examination.

The Baccalaureate enables students to apply for entry in any prestigious school or university all around the world.

The French School students currently develop specific linguage skills in French, English, and Spanish, as citizens of tomorrow’s world.

Starting on an international curriculum.

Our curriculum is defined and approved by the French National Ministry of Education. The French School in Dar es Salaam is affiliated with AEFE - Agency for French Education Abroad - the world’s biggest network of educational institutions. Where ever your career leads you, your children will retain the same high standard educational achievement.

The AEFE world network

Enrolment process and conditions

Preschool information flyer for 2017-2018