Mental Arithmetic Competition

By Arthur - -

On March 30 2015 the Arthur Rimbaud School will take part in the Mental Arithmetic Competition opposing all the French schools within the East African and Indian subcontinent zone. 

Mental Arithmetic CompetitionAll the students from the CM1, CM2 and College classes will enter this Mathematics competition at 8:45 a.m. on Monday March 30 2015.

Marie-France Darmois (CM1), Oriane Magnin (CM2) and Helene Agostini (College) have been preparing their students for this speed test.

This type of competition is specifically designed to encourage students in the practice of mental arithmetic and calculation rituals at every level.

The competition will lead them to implement their skills, to taking initiatives, to elaborate strategies within a limited time frame, to hone their critical thinking. This event dedicated to Mathematics enables students to stand out outside of a traditional class setting.

The students who wish to can also practice further online.