The Management Board

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French School Management Board

Made up of 6 parents elected during the parents' Ordinary General Assembly, the Management Board's (MB) role is to provide the human, material and financial means for the French School to function efficiently.

The Management Committee participates in the establishment's organisation in conjunction with the school head and the School Council, each in its predefined role.


The MB is made up of a President, a Vice-President, a Treasurer, a Supervisor of internal affairs, a Supervisor for outside affairs and a Secretary.

The MB members meet once a month with the Head of School.

The MB is accountable to the parents which they must inform at least twice a year of the decisions it has taken. It can set up Commissions to give advice or suggestions with regards to technical questions.

As is the case for the Head of School, the Consul General of France and the Cultural Adviser for the French Embassy are legally members of the MB. They participate in an advisory capacity.

Outline of general organisation

Principal tasks:

As the MB's responsibility is insuring the existence, security and continuity of the school's operation, its principal tasks are the following:

  • Appointing and managing teachers and staff hired locally

  • Establishing the financial budget for the calendar year

  • Supervising investment projects

  • Monitoring spending

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The Management Board is made up of the following volunteers:

President: Habib MAHLOUJI
Treasurer: Laurent BRILLATZ
Internal Affairs: Cyril SAUVENAY
External Affairs: Ali FAWAZ
Secretary: Rajabu KATUNDA