Initial level assessment – pre-admission tests for non-French speaking students

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Initial level assessment

At the beginning and at the end of every school year, the new non French speaking children applying for the French School are assessed by the teaching staff prior to admission.

An initial level assessment is undertaken by the non French speaking new comers from the 2nd year of Nursery (MS). Mathematical knowledge and fine motor skills are tested starting from the first year of Elementary (CP).

While assessing a child's mother tongue, teachers can also get an idea of a child's skills in other areas – motor, graphic, social...

Non-French speakers are NOT assessed in the French language.

The test aims to assess whether the future student reaches the expected age appropriate milestones in the French education system.

The child's parents are interviewed by the administration in order to acquire more information on the best ways to support their child throughout his/her school years in French. This is especially for non-French speaking parents. The school and families should have a shared interest in the child's schooling.

In order to prepare for inclusion to the school, any new comer whose mother tongue is not French is obliged to attend an initial level assessment.