Opening of a “Seconde” class (first year of High-School)

By Arthur - -
A “Seconde” class (first year of high school) will open at the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year at Arthur Rimbaud’s Oysterbay campus.

Everything will take place on site, thanks to the accreditation by the CNED (Centre National d’Education a distance – National Centre for Distance Learning) institute based in Rennes, France.

The students will have the regular schedule of a “Seconde” class.

The students will be supervised by qualified teachers specifically appointed by subject.

School reports will be issued and parent-teacher meetings will take place as for any other secondary class.

The CNED provides our school with the Ministry of Education’s approval until the time when our high-school will have developed enough to ensure, as is the case for college, direct accreditation by the Ministry of Education.