Excellence, exchanging and influencing

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494 schools, colleges and high-schools established outside of France, in 135 countries, offer a curriculum meeting the requirements of the French Ministry of Education program.

These accredited schools are the bearers of universal values – tolerance, humanism, equal opportunities, intellectual curiosity and promotion of critical thinking… - and enable students to benefit from an uninterrupted education from pre-school to the Baccalaureat. Thanks to their membership in a dynamic international network that is attractive and open, they offer a particularly enriching education.


Success constitutes a clear ambition of all the network's schools which boast a success rate at the baccalauréat which is superior to those in French high-schools (95% on average, 100% for certain schools). Most graduates then get into the Grandes Ecoles in France or the best international universities.


As places of exchange and linguistic and cultural interaction, conveyors of an experience based on strong values, these schools educate children from varied backgrounds. A pilot language teaching scheme enables all at once to integrate local children through the specific teaching of French, to teach the language of the host country to all our students and to promote the use of English in an international context.


By welcoming children from the host countries and other nationals amongst its students (over 60% of total numbers) the network contributes to the influence of the French language and culture. By fostering intercultural communication and understanding, it forges lasting affinities between these students and France.

A few numbers

Approximately 330'000 students of which 40% are French and 60% are foreign nationals in 494 schools in 135 countries.