Cycle 3 – Elementary school (CE2, CM1, CM 2)

By Arthur - -

During cycle 3 students go more in depth into their subject matter (CE2, CM1, CM2). This cycle is currently made up of 4 classes at the Arthur Rimbaud French School.

In keeping with the curriculum of previous school years mastery of the French language and the principal elements of Mathematics are the key objectives of CE2 and CM. Nonetheless all teaching will contribute to acquiring the shared foundation knowledge and skills.

Recourse to TICE becomes customary within the framework of the internet and computer certificate (B2I). Furthermore as is the case at the GS/CP level, the link between CM2 and 6ème enables children to become familiar with the structure of college.

Thus thanks to its human resources and facilities (IT room) the school takes plural and diverse aptitudes of students into account. Aside from reasoning and intellectual thinking, observation, a taste for experimentation, sensitivity, motor fitness and creative imagination will be developed.

The full curriculum for this cycle is available at the following address: Education

To view the shared foundation of knowledge and skills: Eduscol