Cycle 2 – Elementary school (CP, CE1)

By Arthur - -

Elementary (or primary) school welcomes children from 6 to 11. The learning process is split into 2 cycles: cycle 2 (CP and CE1) and cycle 3 (CE2, CM1 and CM2).

Cycle 2: this is the cycle involving fundamental learning (CP and CE1)

In cycle 2, the principal objectives revolve around learning to read and write the French language as well as the knowledge and understanding of numbers, numeration and basic arithmetic.

All teaching contributes to acquiring the shared foundation knowledge and skills. Teachers will be constantly vigilant regarding assignment presentation, the attention given to mastering gestures, posture, school supplies.

At the Arthur Rimbaud French School, the curriculum that is taught is the French one.

To date cycle 2 at the Arthur Rimbaud French School is made up of 4 classes, 2 for CP and 2 for CE1.

The full curriculum is available at the following address: Eduscol