Cycle 1 – Pre-school (PS, MS, GS)

By Arthur - -

A peculiarity of the French system is pre-school (Cycle 1) which welcomes children before the start of compulsory education which begins at the age of 6. In most cases it is organized into Petite Section (PS), Moyenne Section (MS) and Grande Section (GS) depending on a child’s age. Arthur Rimbaud French School teaches the French curriculum.

Pre-school’s objective, through adapted methods, is to help the children to gain autonomy and make knowledge and skills their own in order to master the basic skills of the foundation course.

At the Arthur Rimbaud French School a link between GS and CP is established to assist the students. Starting in April the CP teachers teach the GS students in half-groups once a week. This enables the children to get to know the classroom and teacher they will have the following year and enables the teachers to have an idea of the skill level of their future students before term even begins.

The primary objective of pre-school is to acquire a rich form of oral expression that is organized and understandable for others.

At pre-school the children develop relations with adults and other children. They exercise motor, sensory, emotional, relationship and intellectual skills. They gradually become students and discover the world of writing.

The pre-school curriculum is divided into six areas of activity:

  • Appropriating language

  • Discovering writing

  • Becoming a student

  • Acting and expressing oneself through the body

  • Discovering the world

  • Perceiving, feeling, imagining, creating

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