2018-2019 Back to school

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2018-2019 Back to school information

2018-2019 school year re-opening day information for all the parents of primary school (kindergarten and elementary) and secondary (collège & lycée: 2nde, 1ère ES & S and Terminale S classes) pupils.

Dates and schedules:

Friday, 31/08/2018 : teachers back to school

Monday, 03/09/2018 : students back to school.

Oysterbay: Gate opening from 7:30 am. Welcoming at 7:50. 8:00 am : Start of classes.

At 8:00 am, Primary students will be welcomed in their respective classrooms. Please check the class lists on the display panels at the main entrance of the campus :

CM 2 A teacher : Mr David DUPAYS

CM 1B - CM 2B teacher : Ms Julie MASSON

CM 1A teacher : Ms Marie-France DARMOIS

CE 2 A teacher : Ms Elodie LAPEIRE

CE 2 B teacher : Ms Laura SIMON

CE 1 A teacher :  Mr Rémy DELILLE

CE 1 B teacher :  Ms Elisabeth LE COUTOUR

CP A teacher : Ms Stéphanie DUPUY

CP B teacher : Ms Fatima ANFIF


Lower secondary and high school students will be welcomed by their Head teachers during the first hour :

- 6ème : Marie-Frédérique DUPONT, French teacher

- 5ème : Georges GONÇALVES Physics, Chemistry and Technology teacher

- 4ème : François AUTEFAGE, French teacher

- 3ème : Alex GENET, Mathematics teacher

- 2nde : Antoine JUIGNER, Biology teacher

- 1ères ES and S : Maïlys CHAUVIN, History, Geography and Economics teacher

- Terminale S : Anko ORDONEZ, Philosophy and EMC teacher


Timetables, school materials and documents will be respectively distributed. Classes will (normally) continue according to the students timetable from the second hour.


Msasani : will have different timing. Opening of the gate on this day, exceptionally at 8:30 am. Welcoming students and parents at 8:50 am. Start of classes at 9:00 am.

Nursery students will be welcomed in their respective classrooms. Please check the class lists on the display panels at the main entrance of the campus :

GS A teacher : Mr Jean-Baptiste RUZINDANA

GS B teacher : Ms Pascale BONNETTI-HANLÉE

MS teacher : Ms Juliette HILBERT

TPS - PS teacher : Ms Lise BROUSSARD


On Monday, 03/09/2018, CLASSES WILL END at 1:00 pm, for all students (nursery, primary, lower secondary and high school).

Please, consider to provide a snack to your child.

Classes will continue normally according to the timetable of each class from Tuesday, 04/09/2018 :

Nursery / school day from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Primary / school day from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Lower Secondary and High School , depending on each class time table.

School materials :

The school provides every student with different materials (textbooks, workbooks, books, etc...) he/she needs. Your child will come to school with a school bag and a pencil case supplied with basics.

You must provide her/him with a water bottle with her/his name and class (Primary School Council and School Council decision). She/he can fill it whenever needed from the school drinking water dispensers.

School fees :

Invoices for tuition 2018-2019 will be sent to the parents through the primary school link book (cahier de liaison) or the secondary school correspondence book of their eldest child. An email will be sent as well to inform parents to find their invoice there.

Deadline for payment per term (or year), 1st term : 22/09/2018, to the RAF, Erwan HANLĖE, at Oysterbay site, financial department. (2018-2019 School Fees )

Please, note that the Financial Regulations which you acknowledged at registration is strictly applied.

Health :

We kindly ask you to fill in the attached form in order to inform us if your child has any health problem or any allergies. Please return it to Msasani office for nursery students and to Oysterbay office for primary and secondary students before Friday, 07/09/2018. (Download)

NB : Should these informations not be returned on time to our offices (Msasani for Nursery students ; Oysterbay for Primary and Secondary students), we will consider no health issue regarding your child/children.

PPMS (Specific Precautionary Safety Measures):

Thank you to fill out very carefuly and before Friday 07/09/2018, the Health Details information sheet. (Download )

Lunch break (12:30) 1.00-2.00 :

Students who will remain at school after 1:00 pm (remedial extra classes, AES, secondary students) can either :

  • drop their lunch before 8:00 am in the kitchen to be stored into the fridge and collect it at 1:00 pm,

  • have their meal delivered at 1:00 pm at the end of classes (nursery & primary).

Lower secondary and high school students can be authorised to have/get their lunch outside the school. Therefore, parents have to sign the authorisation form in the link book of their child in order to allow her/him to get out of the school. Otherwise, these students can also have their lunchbox at the school.

Extra Curricular School Activities (AES) :

The AES will begin from the 3rd week of September (Monday 17/09/2018) : the organisation and timetable will be communicated to you asap.

Pay attention, please ! As long as the AES have not started, all nursery and primary students will have to leave the school premises at 1:00 pm (Msasani and Oysterbay both campuses). Secondary students will remain at school according to their school timetable.


Parents teachers 1st meetings will be held between Tuesday 11/09 and Thursday 20/09/2018. You will be informed on due time of the specific dates of the meeting for each class.

For guidance and information,

  • Please consult regularly the link book (Kindergarten and Primary), the link book and PRONOTE* online (lower secondary and high school) of your child / children.

NB :

  • The School schedule will be readily accessible on line on PRONOTE* for all the school community.

  • The School Arthur Rimbaud is going to implement every Friday, a newsletter providing with a summary of the news and events for the upcoming week.

  • Emails will be used on a limited basis to update, correct or add any very last minute information.

*PRONOTE credentials will be communicated to parents, in a specific email.

Welcome back to school and happy School Year to all of you !