2017-2018 AES: a full range of activities!

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French School 2017-2018 ECAs programme

The French School Arthur Rimbaud offers a full range of extra curricular activities to all students on both campuses – Msasani and Oysterbay – mainly in French.


About thirty activities are offered this year to the students who can thus get acquainted with new sports, new artistic techniques and even develop or reveal unexpected skills in various fields:

  • Music (drums, beats, vocals)

  • Dance (modern and African)

  • Sports and leisure (soccer, basketball, volleyball, ball playing for the youngest ones, badminton, judo, gymnastics, swimming)

  • Artistic and creative expression (arts and craft workshops, jewelry creation, cooking)

  • French

Objectives of the Extracurricular activities

We wish to offer the children alternative and quality activities, in addition to the ones they practice within the school curriculum. These activities are proposed within the boundaries of the school structure, the school hours and the availabilityof internal and external instructors.

The instructors’ aim is to develop the potential of each child, in a supportive and stimulating environment, where your child can learn and expand his/her experience of human relations and commitment to others.

The extracurricular activities are a genuine opportunity for the child to develop self-confidence, by finding his/her own path to success on an alternate field.

Schedule of activities and AES rules

Download  the annual schedule of extracurricular activities for 2017-2018.

Download  the AES-ECAs rules about enrolment procedure and activities.